Summer French Immersion Programs in France BMA Biarritz School - MASTER CLASS A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2 (Club 4)

To really learn well you need a teacher who can identify your personal strengths and weaknesses, make useful corrections and enhance the learning process with his or her life experience.

Master pronunciation and reading from the very start. The single most challenging aspect to learning French Courses based on my experience is pronunciation and reading.

There are a lot of sounds that simply don’t exist in English. Key examples are the French “r” and “u” sounds. Reading Summer French Immersion Programs Courses in France aloud also poses a huge challenge to students. The reason is that the language is not phonetic, meaning that the way you see a word written is not the way it’s pronounced. There are numerous letter combinations such as “ois”, “ait”, “ent” and many more that have specific pronunciations.The way to master these and knowing  how to pronounce them when reading aloud is to have a teacher bringing you through a pronunciation course. That means having a teacher or a conversation partner challenging you with questions about your life that are based on the vocabulary you’re learning.

French Courses in France for Juniors with Latest Summer French Immersion Programs 

One of the best ways to improve your French with Summer French Language Immersion Programs at France School in the shortest time possible is to do drill exercises with your teacher. This means that the teacher picks a particular sentence structure that you might find challenging and gives translation sentences one after the other. For French Courses in France for Juniors, Let them hear your mistakes Not all students of foreign languages have equal speaking abilities. One of the most challenging situations is where students are shy and afraid to make mistakes. If you’re one of these people then there’s a solution. Rather than trying to avoid making mistakes take on the mindset of, “I’m going to make you listen to my mistakes”. Also, most importantly, don’t be too hard with yourself. It’s normal to struggle when learning a foreign language. Continuously remind yourself  mistakes are not a problem and that they’re part of the learning process. 

Progress not Perfection : It’s very easy to put too much pressure on yourself. This is especially true if you’re learning French in order to pass an exam.

Together we can !  Learning to speak French is indeed a tall order. But, the goal can be achieved over time by combining the key ingredients of the student’s willingness and aspirations along with the teacher’s enthusiasm and experience.

General information Master Class

COURSE DATES : From 04/04/2021 to 21/08/2021

LEVEL: A0, A1, A2, B1, B2,C1,C2

MASTER CLASS (Club 4) : 30 Lessons/week 450€

ACCOMMODATION: Full Board 270€/week

ACCOMMODATION: Half Board 240€/week

GYM PASS: 50€/week/Unlimited

ACTIVITIES: 4 activities/90€ week 

SURFING: 4 Sessions/190€ week


START DATES: Second Monday of each Month...

Book your place to have the best family! This does not commit you, you must not pay anything at the time of registration! You will receive the invoice 5 weeks before your arrival in Biarritz. 




Biarritz is a small, friendly learning environment. A popular location with teenage language learners. Combine your French studies with an Activities or Surfing course. Students love the easy access to golden beaches.
Spend two to three weeks during the Easter break learning French with a group of Irish or International students from 13-17 years old. This trip allows you to bring one or friends, or go it alone. What is certain is that you will not be alone in Biarritz, or during travel . When it comes to flights, we don’t book them for you, so you can arrive the day you choose. We set up a transfer from Biarritz airport, where you’ll be met by your host family (who have been chosen carefully by BMA Biarritz) and BMA Staff.
You don’t need to worry about a thing with us, BMA Biarritz is a Biarritz based School, and to assist you in any way possible from the beginning through to the very end of your course, what better than being on the spot, Biarritz.

In summer you will enjoy everything in Biarritz:weather is beautiful, Host Families, barely 10 minutes from the school on foot, BMA will provide a buspass if you were over 15 minutes, Classes with few students (about 10 or 12) to learn, improve more...and plenty of other things ... Before your arrival you will take an online French assessment test that’ll allow us to place you in a class that’s perfect for your level. Develop your language skills in a positive and supportive environment, and after 20 lessons per week see your confidence in expressing and understanding the language improve.

Classes will take place Monday to Friday, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm. (Teenagers prefer begin 9:30 am)

The French courses appeal to teenagers looking to improve and practise their general French skills, whilst having a fabulous language holiday in Biarritz. The Teenager courses concentrate on developing core French language skills across all language levels. The A’ level and Leaving Certificate exam programmes offer additional classes to help students prepare for their end of high school exams. The French language courses are academically demanding, and aimed at teenagers who seriously want to improve their French language skills. The BMA Biarritz staff and teachers are aware that the students are on holiday and will do all they can to help students enjoy their French experience, both in and outside the classroom. The primary focus is on developing confidence and aptitude in spoken French, in communicative situations and the courses offer a cultural approach to exploring and improving linguistic proficiency (written and oral expression / written and oral comprehension


BMA Biarritz choose rigorously their French hosts and selects them based on: • their ability to welcome students into their homes • the location of their homes, between 15/20 minutes from the school • a willingness to speak to students in French BMA takes into account the student's preferences and individual needs. For this reason, we encourage students to submit their French host preferences when booking a language course. On arrival, students are collected at the airport, train station or bus station by their French host and BMA Staff.

Prices include: • a bed in a twin bedroom in the home of a French host from Sunday to Saturday, being the day before and the day after their French course • breakfast, lunch, and dinner as you need