A Guide to French Education About Study Abroad in France

Transition year is the best year as well ideal opportunity to study in secondary school study abroad program in France & improve, get optimal proficiency in French. Learning French with us in France, Biarritz will not only increase you oral ability apart from this you will get necessary skills & confidence heading into 5th year.

For student & amateur folks, BMA has lot to offer in France apart from French learning. While you are learning French in secondary school or high school simultaneously. We will introduce you about French culture, adventures, art and many more things. For students if you are looking for a way to Study French Courses in France for International Students in your junior year or learn in art in your senior year, BMA Biarritz offers several best french language programs to choose and make BMA Biarritz in France best as well exciting option. 

Study Abroad in France at The BMA Institute with Difference 

Once you visit in Biarritz, you will be welcome institute staff and your host family. All host family is selected carefully on personality profiles and common interest. BMA members will helps you to feel comfortable in home away from your home and developing relationship to know better about French people & culture.   

Our foremost concern as an institute is quintessential for students in Biarritz. With 35 years of experience, we are committed to offer healthy wealthy and safe secondary school study experience in France about French people and culture. We offer student support throughout the program with our support team and host families. BMA and its team are responsible for the students to find and screening as well as matching students with their host families in Biarritz. At Biarritz host family will be responsible to provide breakfast; dinner and lunch will be provided at secondary school. While you will have plenty of opportunities to explore your independence in Biarritz.  

Why to choose us?  

WHY? Because BMA Biarritz is on website, at Biarritz and not many thousands of kilometers from Biarritz... or from France. 


Students who get enroll in high school study program with BMA or in local school will be monitored for student’s well-being until their course get completed. Parents will get informed about performance throughout the program from time to time. BMA Biarritz is available for any emergencies as well make regular visits, phone call to checkup for student if they are facing any problems. Our support is available for every student 24/7 meanwhile we are responsible to resolve any issue if it raises.  

BMA could be your ultimate destination, if you are looking for French learning program or you are interested in surfing simultaneously hope to discover San Sebastian (Spain).  We are more than a typical local college in Biarritz, once you get engaged in high school program with us you will be no more guest you will be a family and we will let you know everything about French culture, artist, monuments, fashion sense, literature and music. 

Welcome to France Biarritz  

With the first step in France Biarritz you will spend five days in a preparatory course specially designed for you to start a new exciting life in France. During these five days you will attend French language classes, culture and society. With three decades experience BMA and its teachers strongly recommend that the time you will spend at the preparatory course will help your confidant as well as calm to start high school.  


You can Stay with your French family, school meals, supervision by BMA Biarritz also available 24 hour emergency. Travel arrangements for all participating students are provide by parents or legal guardians.