"Our BMA French Educational workshops that run throughout the summer.  Aimed at children who would like to learn French through play and fun,  group activities".

Parents can leave their children in the capable hands of our qualified and experienced teachers between 10am until 4pm. The children spend between 2 and 6  hours practising French, hearing and repeating French, totally absorbed by their activities, without questioning that they are in fact learning another language!  This type of learning method is extremely effective for children.  Their open minds and developing brains means that they retain new information with ease and pleasure!«.  


BMA French Educational workshops has been running for six years in 2018.  We decided to open workshops for children as Biarritz has an enormous influx of tourists in the summer and is a popular holiday destination for people from all over the world.  As parents, we fully understand the need that adults may have for free time without the children, whilst enjoying their annual leave from heavy work schedules. Hence the reasoning behind our workshops.  Knowing that their children are spending a wonderful and educational morning learning French, whilst Mum and Dad enjoy a game of golf or just a moment to themselves, is comforting.  The children are also satisfied when they leave our workshops and are able to speak French too!  The morning rituals adopted by our teachers ensure that our students will take home with them useful songs and phrases in French.  What better tool to encourage our children to learn foreign languages in the future!..  


Our goal is to improve your child’s French and for them to enjoy every minute of their experience during their holiday with BMA, Biarritz! Book with BMA Biarritz and be safe in the knowledge that your child is in the BEST hands! We market the BMA  Workshops online and find that families often return from year to year.  Each child will also work on a book that they will take home every day to show to and discuss with their parents. All the equipment is provided by the school and there will be a break for refreshments at 10:30 every day.. ..