Easter French Language Courses for international students


Before your Easter getaway you will take an online French assessment test that’ll allow us to place you in a class that’s perfect for your level. Our French courses develop your language skills in a positive and supportive environment, and after 20 lessons per week see your confidence in expressing and understanding the language improve. 

Classes will take place Monday to Friday, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm. All school materials are provided, so bring whatever essentials you need.

At its most basic level, oral language is about communicating with other people. It involves a process of utilizing thinking, knowledge and skills in order to speak and listen effectively. As such, it is central to the lives of all people.

BMA provides support in the development of listening and speaking skills in French, including academic listening, small group discussion, oral presentation, and intercultural communication. Students taking the course for 2 weeks will have 3 additional lessons and a 45-minute tutorial each week.

Accommodation full board host family only in Biarritz + Gym pass + all transfers +BMA 24/7 support. 

If you choose to stay with a host family you’ll be immersed in the French lifestyle, speaking the language every day, and picking up local lingo and perhaps niche places to visit in Antibes. At the local student residence you’ll be living in a multicultural environment where you can push yourself to keep on speaking the language day in and day out.    


We know that teenagers value their space and friends, so they will have plenty of free time to see the city or hang out in afternoons. There will is a curfew but we will decide it, together in Biarritz... but they also love sports and we offer a fitness room pass to spend a little time. The pass includes four access per week at the gym.