Take Group Learn French & Surfing Varrious Courses in BMA Biarritz School France

Experience diverse sports, culture, arts, music, take group and lessons of surfing in France. Learning French in not only just in classroom Group & Combination Programs available from one to eight weeks: Private Courses (One to One, Couple and Family) are also available unlimited. 

Classes will be held from Monday to Friday. Alternate classes will take place from morning to afternoon throughout the week. So if you have to attend a class on Monday morning than your next class will take place on Tuesday afternoon. Students will be free from some morning and evening classes so they can actively participate in the various optional cultural excursion & activities. Weekends are meant to hang out on weekends discover the San Sebastian (Spain) is a favorite day trip to roam. Surfing in France Biarritz could be a good option for weekends. 

French Learning Classes for Beginners: Every Monday

Learning French for beginners was never so easy. Learning classes for beginners, intermediate courses and advanced courses. The courses are designed in" Modules" two weeks for each module. Students who are here for limited time can obtain a program of just one week. Most students those stay for two weeks to learn French complete one module, they can proceed to next module if they wish to.

The things which make BMA one of the leading French learning institute and unique from other linguistic schools is our point of view "Understanding as well as Being Understood". We believe that learning any language practically is as valuable as learning in classrooms-One compliments to others.

Study French with Native Speakers 

Learning French with native speaker will be effective for you. Classes for almost every course will be not more than three hours daily. Depending on the course half pass two to three hours you will be with your teacher after that half hour to one hour outside the class with teacher & learning outside the class that's what we call workshop.

Outside the class in workshop your teacher can give you some exciting task such as: Some coins will be provided and you have to visit bakery to buy some bread or to the post office to buy some stamp maybe you would like to ask direction from a stranger in French. These exciting tasks will help you to immediate practice the concepts that you have learned in class a few minutes ago. Improving verbal skills, will gain confidence to speak fluently. The real world becomes an extension of your classroom and to learn French in France at best prices. Book now!

Help to Learn French and Surf Courses in France

Test and implement your skills while surfing in France. Four lessons per week will give you enough time to improve your vocabulary and can grab some surfing expression. Surfing will be taught by qualified & licensed instructor in multicultural environment. This idea could be a great way to challenge your skills and to speak in French while engaging in sport. Summer camp in France will be a good idea if you want to visit France in group. 

Surfing courses on the waves & fluency in French are you looking for both? Attend both courses simultaneously in French school Biarritz. 

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