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Intensive Special Leaving Cert French Exams Preparation Course at Best Prices

For intensive special leaving cert preparation course: when it comes to learn French there’s no better place to study more than France itself. Studying in France will be more beneficial, here you can immerse yourself in the language as well as culture with personal focus from native speaking teacher and folks.

At BMA special leaving cert preparation is designed checking all aspects of exam preparation. Twenty seven classes per week in a special l-cert class mainly concentrate on four basic and core skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking and writing. Grabbing and commanding in these four core skills will develop confidence to write exam without getting nervous or blank. In this l-cert preparation teachers will completely focus on oral communication, grammar, vocabulary as well as cultural topics. Depending on the needs of leaving certificate course as well on the requirements of students teachers will completely assist and mentally prepare students to crack the leaving certificate exam.

Leaving certificate course for French Exams Preparation: Ex-students feedback

 For French exams preparation course, most people who are able to speak write and read second language fluently will tell you that there is no substitute available better than to meet local folks to improve your French skills. For leaving certificate preparation course, your teacher in classroom will be an expert native speaker who will assist you to do well in exam. In the evening you will be with you host family good conversation and interaction with them will also help you for leaving cert preparation course.

In a short time of period you will notice the incredible improvement in your French communications. To prepare for French exams preparation course command on following basic core skills (Written expression, essay writing, speaking, written comprehension, interactive communication) and grabbing the grammar, build vocabulary communicative methods, Role plays and use of real documents. Previous year's exam paper will also assist you to clear leaving certificate course exam completely.

More and more students are telling us how participating in a language course in France has helped them to get better exam results. Classes will take place Monday to Friday, 9:30 am - 1:30 pm. 

Day Three lesson 1 Lesson 2 and 3 Lesson 4 and 5
The recent past. Formation and usage verb drills and exercises based on the Day one and Day 2
One sample past Leaving Certificate skill exam 2015
Leaving Certificate sample aural tape scrip exam 2016

A major part of our Leaving Cert preparation curriculum is centered on study skills. A good comprehension of the subject does not always translate to examination performance if the student is unable to note and structure their revision effectively.

Our study skills include: *Stress management, to make students more comfortable in front of a examiner *Concentration and listening skills *Revision and memory aids *Effective note taking *Motivation *Student in situation in front of a board of examiners

Our teaching model is based on a complete and daily revision who will allow the student to memorize the essential elements. 

 Once you reach in Biarritz, an online French assessment test will be taken that will let us know which class will be perfect for you. Commanding on French language skills with best teachers, learning support in learning environment. When the leaving certificate preparation course about to finish you will notice that your skills in French is getting good & your confidence will also motivate you more to perform excellent.  

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General Information Leaving Cert

15 French courses + 10 focused LC + 2 exam workshops -

COURSE DATES : From 29/05/2017  to end of August

DURATION: 1 to 4 weeks

LEVEL: A0, A1, A2, B1, B2,C1,C2


START COUSE DATES: every Monday  


-1 week: 400€

-2 weeks: 780€